About me

Hello! Welcome to Lottie Elizabeth Travels, my travel blog and creative space for photography.

So, who am I and what’s this blog about? Well, in 2014, I was a lawyer, home-owner and had a nice, happy life. The problem I had was that ‘nice’ is…. well…. a bit too nice. I wanted more than a nice life. I wanted adventure, I wanted to meet incredible people and see more of the world!! I was consumed by desires of wanderlust!

This is me in May 2015, sat on a camel shooting a wedding (for the wonderful in Petra, Jordan, completely in my element and blissfully unaware that my photo was being taken. To me, this is the moment (or rather the weekend) when I started calling myself a photographer.

I soon realised that I could make my dreams a reality!

A year or so later I had upgraded my cameras, quit my old life, sold my house, left the corporate world and was shooting weddings for some incredible couples throughout the UK (and abroad - you can check out my wedding work here:

I haven't looked back!

When British summertime ends and the clocks turn back, my bags are packed and I set off to follow the sun around the world. Discovering new places and learning about new cultures recharges the batteries after a busy summer season shooting weddings and fills me with so much creativity I am fit to burst!

Alan Watts had it right when he said this:
"This is the real secret if life - to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realise it is play."

Wanderlust is in my blood. At the age of 10 I travelled from the UK to Japan and back with my parents and little sister on a huge commercial container ship. No luxuries, living in room ‘Spare A’ and bossing around shipyards like we owned the place. I have some amazing pictures and a handwritten diary which brings back so many INCREDIBLE memories.

One of my favourite things to do is trade travel stories with my Grandparents – they’ve travelled the world and always tell me to jet off and fill my life with adventures whilst I can. I really don’t need any encouragement!

I’ll be using this travel blog to post pictures, travel journeys, articles and whatever pops up into my head!

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